Let’s Talk Radio, Podcast Part One

I’ve always liked listening to talk radio or interviews. In the 90s I had a Nickelodeon radio at my bedside and I would listen to whatever station I would turn to first. Sometimes it would be a news station about world news, or call in shows with doctors, comics, book authors, etc.

After a while I stopped listening but got back into it in a different way, it was still talk radio, but it was on my TV. At one time DirecTV had XM channels you could listen to like 90’s on 9, Hair Nation, Real Jazz, and so many more. But I found a channel called High Voltage that was playing The Opie & Anthony Show, they were a talk show about everything. Pop culture, current events, and sometimes they would have interviews with stand up comics, wrestlers, porn stars anyone you could probably think of. The O&A show did have a third man on the mic and that was Little Jimmy Norton, a stand up comic. Thanks to him I learned about so many funny people in stand up, Patrice O’Neal was my favorite he would tell backstage stories when he wrote for WWE for a short time.

One of my all time favorite bits from O&A is when they played audio from Dave Rabbit, he hosted a underground pirate radio station during the Vietnam War.

Another memorable moment came from Chris Jericho and Jim Norton… Norton made a joke about Christopher Reeve and Jericho didn’t take it so well and a heated back and forth went on for mins. I can see both sides of the argument.

And if you remember the Dude, It’s Bob Kelly, Dude sounder. Good times…

After O&A the Ron & Fez Show would air and I fell in love with it. Ron Bennington is a comic genius with great timing and comebacks. When Ron would riff on Fez about his heart attack or trying to hook him up with women had me in tears. R&F had two producers East Side Dave and Black Earl. When Ron or Fez would catch Earl f’ing up was comedy gold. As for Dave, Black Earl’s grandmother and board gossip was my favorite bits. But when the Midnight Rider would show up in the studio all bets were off. And I was so happy for him when he married Casey.

  • Sweet Melinda!
  • 866 Ron 0 Fez that’s 866 Ron 0 Fez
  • Don’t forget my balls!
  • There’s seven…

After about a year or two of listening five days a week I’ve noticed the XM channel got a name change, The ViRUS and a few new shows were added to the weekends and the Saturday Night ViRUS was born (Razzle Dazzle!). Around this time every buddy of O&A and Ron & Fez had their own show at some point. Than & Sam was my favorite, it was basically a wrestling talk show. Sam is a huge wrestling fan and I enjoyed his insight, plus they would have guest on like Matt Striker, and play botched wrestling promos. The show was short lived thanks to Than going on Last Comic Standing.

Sam and the Midnight Rider

Another show I really enjoyed on Saturday night was SModcast. The first handful of episodes aired on XM, and the history of Kevin Smith and podcast is heavily documented.

One morning I woke up and turned on my TV for the O&A show but the channel was gone. Sirius XM or DirecTV pulled the channel, from 2005-2010 I enjoyed every minute of Opie & Anthony, Ron & Fez, and everything in between.

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