Let’s Talk Radio, Podcast Part Two

While still listening to XM I found something called a podcast around 2009. But this wasn’t on the internet… I bought Heroes of World Class, a wrestling documentary about WCCW and one of the extras was an interview with Bill Mercer on the Monday Night Mayhem Show. I looked up MNM and they had a back catalog of interviews and called their show a podcast, so I googled podcast and the rest is history…

Once Sirius XM or DirecTV took the ViRUS off the air podcast became my talk radio platform, anything I could listen to I did. Monday Night Mayhem opened the door but that sidebar of horror podcast listed on HorrorETC. kicked me through the doorway and I became a listener to many.

Drunken Zombie, Dead Lantern, Bloody Good Horror, It Came from the Basement. Nowadays kids don’t know many of those shows because their not around anymore. But they will always have a place in me for the hours of entertainment they gave out.

After awhile I just forget about O&A, Ron & Fez, but kept listening to Kevin Smith’s SModcast, and I see PrimeTime Sam Roberts finally broke out and made something of himself.

Cut to the present day, the reason why I’m writing about my history on radio and podcast. I wanted to know what has been going on with all those guys I used to listen to. O&A broke up and had a falling out after Anthony made a few bad tweets. Fez retired, but Ron is still going strong. I saw that Compound Radio is up and running, I remember when that studio was being built. As I said before, Sam made good but Than is nowhere to be found. East Side Dave went off the rails with that whole Billy Mitchell rant. And Black Earl is writing a book…?

Last night on YouTube I found an eight hour video chronicling the fight between O&A and Jimmy. I finished it early this morning. That gave me inspiration to write about my love of talk radio and podcast.

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