Top Five Figs of 2019

What a great year figure hunting and buying for the collection in general. From antique stores to Comic Con I found a lot of gems. But these are my top five figures from 2019, some of this figs came out this year and some didn’t.

5. Panthro (ThunderCats)

This figure was all beat up and dirty and needed a good fig bath. After that it was good as new. Don’t pass on a figure when it’s a bit dirty, a little TLC goes along way.

By no means am I knowledgeable on ThunderCats, but I know who the characters are and this figure being cheap and vintage was worth a buy and the time to clean up.

4. SoundWave (Transformers)

For the longest time I wanted to get into Transformers but didn’t know where to begin until I started seeing the Siege figures and that become my jumping off point.

Once I opened SoundWave and posed him for an hour I knew I got myself in trouble, I need more characters. These Siege figures are detailed with battle damage, which I love. And the possibility is endless.

3. Pete Dunne (WWE)

By far the hardest figure to find out in the wild. He was a Target exclusive and for months straight I searched, even had a buddy in Illinois searching as well. I finally got him, thanks to Mike and his endless Target hunting.

Pete now sits in a collectors case, not because he’s a valuable figure but a reminder of the hard working finding him when Target was a having distribution issues with Mattel, and not restocking their shelves.

2. Jyn Eros (Star Wars)

I been holding off buying this figure for a while. Black Series has always been on fire with their actor to figure likeness, but I vaguely see Felicity Jones when I look at this figure, but I can’t help but love it. Rogue One is probably in my top three Star Wars movies and I needed a figure to represent said film.

1. Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)

I’m talking about the 1985 Kenner figure. Something about this figure I like, it’s a piece of history that the special editions erased. You don’t see old man Anakin anymore at the end of Jedi, he got replaced by Hayden Christensen.

The figure itself is basic, five point movement and has a good likeness to actor Sebastian Shaw. I found this figure at Beaumont Comic Con going for a decent price, it was worth it.

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