Late Night Fig Hunting

I did some late night fig hunting and came out on top towards the end. I started at Wal*Mart where they had lots of WWE Basic figs and a whole display of Transformers Siege, but I passed on everything to stop at Walgreens to find their Transformers exclusive, Ratchet.

Walgreens was fully stocked with Ratchet figures, all I needed was one… I stopped in my local comic shop but it was a bust. Same old Power of the Force II, and over priced WWE Basics. Zero classic Transformers.

My Transformers collection is slowly building, I been very picky on who to buy… Ratchet is a great articulated figure. Both knees and thighs have good posable joints, shoulders and arms are the same. I wouldn’t say they are too loose but there’s some good range.

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