Me Grimlock

Amazon had some good deals on Black Friday. I did some Christmas shopping and picked up a few things for myself… Like a Power of the Primes, Grimlock. All honestly, he wasn’t my first choice, I had my eye on Swoop but he was sold so I went with the next best Dinobot Grimlock.

He comes packaged as his robot mode with a few accessories for when you collect all the Dinobots to build Volcanicus, yep a combiner bot.

Grimlock has that G1 feel and look to an extent. His upper half is G1 but everything below it is kinda clunky. Transforming him is easy, a lot easier than those Siege figures you see nowadays.

He has stickers on him just like the G1 figure had, so you may want to be careful and not rub them off.

Grimlock will fit in well with my Siege collection. I’m keeping him in his dino mode for now on.

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