DC Comics Bend-Ems Figs

A friend told me he bought some action figures and wanted me to review them. I couldn’t wait to see what he got. A few days later he dropped off a bag of DC Comics Bend-Ems.

Growing up I only owned four Bend-Ems figures. The Incredible Hulk, The Rocketeer, Dracula, and Gumby. And no, I’m not counting those mini LJN or WWF era figs.

Bend-Ems to me has always been a cheap way to buy your favorite character from a movie or TV series. From Star Wars to The Pagemaster Bend-Ems has been around for a long time.

In this bag were six bendable DC figures, I all most got the whole JLA team but I’m missing Wonder Woman. The figures are dressed in vintage costumes or New Frontier era outfits. Superman gives off that 1940’s Fleischer animation vibe, and Joker has that classic 1989 Kenner outfit from the gold packaging Batman wave. But his face reminds me of Joker from Batman: EndGame. I know, these figures are hitting a lot of eras at once. Only figure you can use for modern day is Flash.

Now the possibility for these figures are lacking in every aspect but their knees down bend like clockwork. Trying to get Green Lantern to point his ring straight out, forget about it! Straight out to his side maybe and forget about lifting Superman’s arms for that iconic flying pose… Even as a kid I never had any luck posing these types of figures why try now. So! I tried to take a few action shots to see what I can come up with.

Not all these Bend-Ems are bad. Joker is probably the best out of the whole wave. He doesn’t have thick shoulders that prohibits movement, his arms can go up and straight out. Flash I got into a running post but he’s hard to stand, I eventually got him standing.

If you’re just a collector of superheroes or gonna buy your child a cheap figure without the worry of them swallowing small parts, by all means buy them a Bend-Ems figure. When you’re used to many parts of articulation, just stay away…

But that’s coming from a guy who has a Bend-Ems The Incredible Hulk hanging on his wall. Massive.

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