Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker… There Will be Spoilers!

After staying away from days and days of spoilers I finally watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I enjoyed every minute of it. It felt like a “Star Wars” movie, unlike that Rian Johnson disaster he calls The Last Jedi.

Seeing force ghost Luke Skywalker on screen and doing something productive and not hiding out and drinking green milk, made his stock in my eyes rise and redeemed the character.

The ending with Rey going to Tatooine and probably living at the old Skywalker ranch is a good ending. And taking the Skywalker last name, much respect.

Leia training to become a Jedi is something I always read about in books and seeing it on screen brought all those EU books full circle. Oh and seeing a young face Luke, J.J. Abrams can do no wrong. Also, Solo made a comeback, I was surprised by that.

One the drive home I had a conversation with a buddy who I saw The Rise of Skywalker with and we started fantasy booking Episode Nine and we came up with a way to bring back Darth Vader…

We all know at the end of Return of the Jedi Vader’s body is being burned. And in my head cannon, I like to think after the burning his body is placed in a casket. With the ending battle between Rey and Kylo taking on the Emperor, there’s a scene where Palpatine is sucking the life force out Rey and Kylo… Have a scene were Rey breaks the suction and all that life force distributes around them and maybe have some of it go into this unmarked casket… Rey picks up Luke’s lightsaber but its force pulled from her hands and lands in a black glove and then you’ll hear the breathing of Darth Vader… OH! That’s how Vader or Anakin gets his lightsaber back. With the help from Vader he tries to defeat the Emperor but is defeated himself. That’s when Rey picks up both sabers and becomes the last Jedi. Fantasy booking at its best! Five Stars!

The fake out deaths with Chewie and 3PO… I totally believed Chewie was dead, but he was transported on another ship off screen. And if 3PO did lose all his memories I’m fine with that. But the real question is, who gets C-3PO at the end. Does he go with Lando to Cloud City, and how about R2D2 should he be with Rey and not BB-8? BB-8 is Poe’s droid. D-O still needs a home. All am saying is, just like a Sarah McLachlan commercial, these droids need homes.

Ewoks! We got freaking Ewoks back on the big screen and no one booed. How about those Star Destroyers, and heel Rey with a double saber, that’s a story I’d like to see. And speaking of lightsabers, yellow. Better than purple.

I noticed that Rose Tico had a much smaller role in the film. I guess J.J. didn’t want any backlash. But she’s a important part of the Rebels crew and should be given something to do other than asking where Fin is.

The return of Palpatine is a good idea, but I needed more context on how he survived the throw from Vader in Return of the Jedi, and don’t give me that a Palpatine can only kill a Palpatine. And when he was hanging from that machine gave me that Assassin’s Creed vibe, if you seen the movie.

The Knights of Ren finally made their debut in full swing. After teases, action figures, and comic appearances they didn’t disappoint. Babyface Kylo did wiped the floor with them.

The death of Kylo Ren I wasn’t expecting. The whole Solo-Skywalker clan is dead now, it’s a sad ending to characters that’s been in my life since the 80s. I know it’s time to past the torch but damn, don’t kill everyone. But Kylo giving his life force to Rey was a nice touch, since it was mentioned in Revenge of the Sith.

I can go on forever about this film, I’m still riding high on it. I’ll close by saying, I’m glad Luke Skywalker returned even if it was a force ghost. I wanted Luke to be this bad ass Jedi in The Last Jedi but didn’t get it. The Rise of Skywalker made up for it… And Chewie finally got his medal.

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