TMNT Dirtbag Fix Up

I’ve heard, if you don’t store certain figures properly over time they become brittle and I just had a case of that with a TMNT figure I got off of eBay. The inner plastic skeleton is brittle and where the movable joints are is where they are breaking from.

As some of you know I been collecting Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures as of late and I went to eBay to buy the last remaining figures I need for my collection.

The one figure I was excited to get was Dirtbag, he arrived today in very good packaging but once I opened the ziplock I’ve noticed his head was broken from his body. So I checked the other joints arms, legs, and… once I moved the tail it broke as well. I’m so disappointed this happened. At least the breaks were clean.

I’ve contacted the eBay seller, it’s a waiting game, but in the meantime I fixed the figure with a bit of glue and you can’t tell anything is wrong. Yes, it’s broken but it’s fixed. I’ve learned one thing from Toy Polloi, even broken figures need a good home.

I’m not gonna rebuy another Dirtbag, the one I have is all I need. Also, I’m kinda hesitant to buy vintage TMNT figures not knowing if the joints are gonna break or not. I still have a couple I haven’t gotten in yet, I’ll keep you posted.

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