Power Rangers Lightning Collection

When Power Rangers was having its resurgence I skipped on buying the release of the classic figures and when the Legacy Collection was hitting store shelves they were hard to find in my area. Only figures I did see were from Power Rangers (2017) movie and those were terrible. Single color with limited detail, pass! And speaking of that 2017 movie, it took a long time before seeing the Rangers in action. Half the movie is training without their suits. The only thing the movie had going for it was Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, and how terrible did Goldar look? Big blob of gold slushie… I’ve seen fan films better than the 2017 movie.

When it comes to the Power Rangers television series I’m a fan to an extent. MMPR, and ZEO are my favorites, I grow up on those. FOX Kids on Saturday mornings and five days a week after school. I remember the Green with Evil storyline and missing one episode because the bus was late getting me home, taking about being pissed. This was a five part series and missing an episode messed up the whole story up for me. But all that got fixed decades later when I bought the MMPR: The Complete Series from Shout!

One of my favorite Power Rangers memories is seeing the 1995 movie in theaters. It was epic, it was everything I wanted in a big budget Rangers movie. More action, better costumes, great soundtrack. Only setback, Rita & Lord Zedd wasn’t used as the main heels. Ivan Ooze was the baddie and controlling the people of Angel Grove was his thing.

So! The Lightning Collection is the latest figures to hit the toy market and Hasbro has been doing an awesome job with the figures they’re releasing. I been passing on every one them until now… I picked up the two-pack Green Ranger & Putty from Best Buy… Yes, Best Buy has action figures. Think of them as a GameStop that sells Apple products, but I digress.

The Green Ranger has always been my favorite, but this figure isn’t the classic MMPR look. It’s the Fighting Spirit Green Ranger, you can tell the difference because the helmet has silver outlines where the dragon face is and I don’t mind this figure not being “classic”. It’s still the Green Ranger whichever way you look at it.

As for the Putty, it’s the classic look from season one. He comes with different forearms to change out that has weapons attached to them. Makes a good army builder.

I might try to collect the main MMPR figures. I know that Red, and Pink have already been released. There is a Walgreens exclusive Black Ranger but he’s wearing the chest armor… As of writing this a new wave of figures are announced for March 2020 with Blue ZEO Ranger that comes with a Rocky head… I get a Red Ranger and put that head sculpt on it, BOOM! MMPR Rocky.

With all that being said, it’s the long way for me to say, it’s time to collect Power Rangers. The figures are up to par with any Marvel Legend, Black Series or WWE figures.

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