Royal Rumble Elite Collection Found

It’s a nasty rainy day where I’m at so I decided to go figure hunting instead of staying in the house.

My first stop was Wal*Mart and they are still carrying Elite 68 and King Mabel is becoming a peg warmer. The Galveston location carries more basic figs than elites.

After a dry run I ran into GameStop and they a good selection of Power Rangers Lightning Collection, I ask if they had any wrestling figs and the guy said, they haven’t gotten any in a long time… Maybe GameStop is phasing out WWE figs. I did leave with a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. From what I can remember it was a fun good.

My last trip was to Target and I had high hopes when I walked in because they were restocking everything! I made down to the figure aisle and sure enough they were restocking and had an updated stock of figures. I saw the Royal Rumble Elite Collection, WWE Network Spotlight Series, and and a few Elite Series 70.

I walked away with a couple Royal Rumble Elites in The Rock, and Randy Savage. I needed a Rock figure in my collection I never had one until now. And as for Savage, just a guilty buy I couldn’t pass him it. I like all the accessories he comes with especially the bandanna and sunglasses.

Today wasn’t a total loss I found the figs I wanted for my collection. On a side note, I saw the new Lita figure and her face sculpts look kinda bad. I was disappointed in that.

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