So… WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Tonight I attended my first Royal Rumble event in Houston, TX. and what a night it was. I been to Monday Night RAW, and house shows but this was a whole other animal. Hardcore wrestling fans from far and wide jointed together to watch Charlotte Flair, and Drew McIntyer win their Royal Rumble matches.

Becky Lynch and Asuka stole the show tonight in my opinion. Lesnar dominating the rumble was excellent and it was something new for a rumble match.

The ladies rumble was up in the air no one knew was going to win. Everyone had their favorites but no one knew for sure. Like her farther in 1992, Charlotte Flair won the Royal Rumble… Other than Edge, Naomi got a huge pop. Edge beat it but no one came close.

I had so much fun chanting along with the crowd and hearing urban commentary behind me was icing on the cake.

I had good seats they were behind the dugout I had a good view of who was coming out next in the matches before their music ever hit.

I finally got to see Beth Phoenix wrestle and the closest to ever seeing Bret Hart is when Nattie Neidhart entrance music played and hearing that guitar riff.

Lastly… I had a smile on my face when Rated RKO teamed up, seeing the Fiend in person is something everyone should experience just once. His entrance was phenomenal.

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