Disney Store Pick ups

I haven’t been to a Disney Store since the early 2000s but I found one located in the Galleria Mall and I had to stop in. It was truly magical Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney characters lined the walls with all types of merchandise. I even found Muppet Babies plushies.

I’ve always liked the look to the Disney Infinity figures, but they were like amiibo figures nothing but a statue. Until I saw the Toybox figures, they were the infinity figures with articulation… The only problems was there was so many Marvel and Star Wars characters and I was looking for Disney animated or Pixar figs. I managed to find Buzz Lightyear, and Aladdin. I also bought a Goofy plush… I’m a fan.

So! The ToyBox figures are all articulated and comes with accessories. Aladdin comes with Abu, his monkey. And Buzz comes with a blaster. These figs are everything I was hoping for, articulated figures of characters I like. Hopefully more characters are made maybe some Disney princesses, Just saying.

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