Five Favorite WWE Basic Figures

When it comes to buying WWE figures I’ll always go for an Elite figure first, but sometimes a simple Basic figure is all I need and these are my five favorite Basic figs in my collection.

5. Diesel

I haven’t been very impressed with many Diesel or Kevin Nash figures Mattel has released through the years. To me they always get his hair wrong or needs some kind of wash over it to give it depth. But once I saw this basic Diesel in a Battle Pack with Shawn Michaels I found my perfect Nash.

4. Rick Rude

This Flashback figure mirrors Rude’s WWF Hasbro figure with purple tights with black stripes. I marked out when I saw this figure hanging from a peg and knew I need it. It’s the one and only Rick Rude figure in my Mattel collection, I don’t need any others.

3. Zack Ryder

Ryder has quite a few basic figs but when I think of Zack Ryder I picture him in some kind of purple ring gear and this figure sums it up for me. Purple and white with his logos on knee pads and boots. If this figure was made into an Elite all bets are off. You can find this figure in Basic Series #72

2. Ultimate Warrior

There’s so many Ultimate Warrior figures to many in my opinion, but when I saw the Then Now Forever two-pack with Warrior & Sting I picked it up just to say I have an Ultimate Warrior fig in my collection. I’ve seen all the figures that has come since then and they all look great but one figure is enough.

When it was announced that Sonya Deville was getting two basic figures and one being a chase I didn’t care which one I got. When I ordered the figure from Ringside Collectables I received the black and red attire… I know she has an Elite figure, but I haven’t gotten around to picking one up yet.

1. Sonya Deville

There you have it some of my favorite Basic WWE figures. What are some of yours? Comment below.

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