Fig Hunting at Dimensions Comics, Music & More

I had so much fun figure hunting today, Rafael and I made our way to Seabrook, TX. and visited Dimensions Comics, Music & More. This place was like a maze having dedicated rooms for role playing games, horror, sci-fi, music, and even a room with bins and bins of loose and carded figures. We went spent hours searing every little spot looking for vintage TMNT, MOTU, and Ghostbusters… but all that stopped when Rafael pulled me away to the room dedicated to wrestling figures and merchandise. I was blown away to see all kinds of vintage figures and even modern days figs like Basics and Elites.

I just stood there taking it all in seeing so many BCA, Titan Tron Live, ToyBiz WCW and they had a good selection of wrestling VHS and DVDs. Once I saw what all they had I put back everything else and spent a good amount of my time on my knees going through bins of loose BCA and Mattel figs.

After a few hours of digging I walked away with a great haul… My favorite find was the WWF thumb wrestlers, JYD and Roddy Piper. They also had all the WCW Bend-ems figs. And yes, I know I stated in the past I can’t stand Bend-em figures but it was a WCW Sting fig and I couldn’t pass that up.

I had so much fun at Dimensions I cant wait to go back and dig through everything looking for treasure. If you’re in the Texas area I highly recommend stopping in and checking them out.

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