Presidents Day Fig Hunting

It all started with us seeing a giant inflatable Yoda atop a car dealership that gave us the strength to keep on going early in the morning for a round of figure hunting.

The first stop was Bedrock City Comic Company, they are a more modern comic and toy store with MAFEX, NECA, Super7 but they do have a peg wall with vintage carded figures and a roundy round with loose figs. I found a couple few things I couldn’t live without. I finally have a Beth Phoenix in my collection and so is IRS, and I found a battle damage He-Man on the cheap he just needs new rubber in his legs and good as new.

The next stop was Dimensions Comics, Music and More. And when you see the word more it means a lot more because this place was a maze, they had rooms dedicated to genres like horror, sci fi, role playing, and even wrestling that’s right when Rafael found the wrestling and memorabilia room I was rushed in there to walls and boxes of BCA, Titian Tron Live, and Elites. We were in that one room for about an hour going through boxes and VHS tapes. They also had a good amount of WCW and ECW figures on card but mostly JAKKS figures.

I walked away with some great finds. Like a on carded JYD and Roddy Piper thumb wrestlers, a handful of BCA figures and a loose Elite Warlord… They had a good selection of TMNT, MOTU, and lots of 90’s Marvel, DC, and Star Trek figures.

I can’t get over how awesome Dimensions Comics was, you could spend hours in said store and not see everything. I can’t wait to go back there for another round of fig hunting. Rafael and I closed the day with some Mexican food and fun stories about living that fig life.

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