ECTO-1 and ECTO-2

One of my goals when I started collecting The Real Ghostbusters toy line was acquiring an ECTO-1 and ECTO-2 and not breaking the bank. I struck out for months until I found two great deals on eBay, both vehicles were complete and in great shape. Only problem was they were coming from the Netherlands so an extra week or two I had to wait before getting them in hand and the wait was worth it.

I had both of these vehicles as a kid and I put them through the ringer. Missing parts, broken doors, ECTO-2 never had rotor blades but that never stopped play time.

Rebuying your childhood toys can be expensive but once you get said figure or vehicle in hand and have all those memories flood back, it’s totally worth every penny.

Cut to months later… I pretty much stopped buying Real Ghostbusters figures after acquiring the main cast and a few mini ghost I’m satisfied with my collection. Sure having a firehouse would be nice but not for the price everyone wants it for.

As for the newly previewed Ghostbusters figures NY Toy Fair, they look great. It’s everything I ever wanted in GB figures with lots of articulation, accessories and characters we never got before. But… Yes, there’s a but… I’m going to pass on said figures and keep the Real Ghostbusters as my main display.

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