WWF BCA Collection Update – Godwinns

Since buying WWF BCA figures from Dimensions Comics I been on a roll rebuilding my childhood collection. BCA is my favorite wrestling figure line, sure Mattel is fire when they produce a figure but the nostalgia with BCA overrides that for me.

I remember buying my first wave of BCA figures. It was at Wal*Mart in Galveston. Bret Hart, Goldust, Diesel, and the Undertaker was the first set of figures I bought. I could never find Shawn Michaels or Razor Ramon our in the wild. My first and only HBK was from the Signature Series with his zebra print gear.

Like I said, rebuilding and today I got Tag Team Series 1 with the Godwinns. There’s something I truly like about the pre Attitude Era and the end of the New Generation where tag team wrestling was on fire with teams like the Headbangers, New Blackjacks, Bodydonnas countless teams and factions.

I like how this set comes with accessories. You have a slop bucket, horseshoe on a chain, and two WWF stands.

What are some of your favorite Bone Crunching Action WWF figures? Comment below.

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