Huge Fig Hunting Haul WWF BCA Figs, TMNT, Star Trek #FigLife

Is the Coronavirus hurting the fig life community? I say it is and here’s why… Today I stopped into Bedrock City Comic Co. to sale off some Marvel Legends figures. I was told, since the Coronavirus is hurting the economy they won’t be able to pay full price on trade ins and it might be better if I come back when COVID-19 is no longer a threat. I agreed with them and I’ll come back at a later date and try to trade those ML figures in again.

I didn’t leave empty handed because I like supporting indie shops so I bought a couple Power Rangers comic books.

If I had the room for this playset.

The day didn’t start off like that though, Rafael and I stopped at Dimensions Comics Music & More because I knew they had WWF BCA figures I needed and what a collection I bought. Everyone from Nation of Domination, Stone Cold, New Blackjacks, Truth Commission, I mean a got a huge lot of figs. Those figs are going straight to a fig bath. Two other figures I got from there was a Star Trek Capt. Picard, and another vintage WCW Twistable in Arn Anderson. I did notice that the Brian Pillman Twistable was already sold and a BCA Vader.

After hitting up a couple indie shops it was time to hit up the big box stores. Target was a bust, only newer figure I saw was a WrestleMania Elite Matt Hardy and they still had a few WWE Network Spotlight figs… GameStop on the other hand oh boy did I luck out finding NECA Shredder (TMNT) figure. This figure is amazing! Such great detail and comes with lots of accessories.

On a behind the scenes note, I started filming my fig hunting adventures. I got tons of footage today and gonna try to edit some of it together. I’m not a editor, but it’s worth a try. In the mean time, here’s a video of some of the BCA figures I got.

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