Fortnite: Tomato Head

For the past six months I been seeing so many people rave about Jazwares’ six inch Fortnite figures. So while dodging people who might have the coronavirus I went fig hunting and one of my stops was at Wal*Mart. I power walked to the figure aisle and scanned the WWE figures and nothing new but then I saw those Fortnite figs and they only had three characters. Tomato Head, Leviathan, and Jonesy. I thought, why not I’ll give this toy line a chance.

I decided to buy Tomato Head since he’s the strangest character available… Before I get into it let me say, I know nothing about Fortnite, never played the game but have seen YouTube vids and know how popular it is… First off I knew what I was getting into with these figures and I still don’t like fingers and toe articulation, bad memories from when I was collecting Marvel ToyBiz figures and after awhile those joints start to loosen up and it’s fall over city from here on.

Looking at these Fortnite figs reminds me of my childhood when my mom would randomly buy me a action figure I knew nothing about so that forced me to read the back of the packaging and hopefully find a cartoon tie-in. These figures are just strange and fun and you can use them with any toy line as bad guys or heroes. TMNT comes to mind first with these figures, they somewhat count as mutants. Sure Tomato Head has human hands and neck… but who cares.

So! Tomato Head, he’s dressed like a singer in a barbershop quartet. Has a fascination for pizza, you can tell by his pizza delivery bag back bling and slice on his chest, wields two heavy duty weapons and a oversized pizza cutter (Harvesting Tool). This guy is dangerous! The figure comes with two heads a standard tomato head and another with war paint and a crown with silverware attached to it. The last two accessories he comes with is a small tomato, and a jar with something blue in it.

As for articulation this figure moves like a Marvel Legend, no problems posing. I’m happy I bought this figure, I been having so much fun posing it. Some say it’s time to collect Fortnite figures, that’s a deep dive for another day.

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