Toxic Crusaders Action Figures

One figure line I’m trying to rebuild is Playmates Toxic Crusaders. I ways thought those figures were unique and gross, but different like some of the TMNT animal creatures. Junkyard being my favorite character is a good example, he’s half human and half dog hybrid with a nasty long tongue and wields a anti-garbage gun… Who comes up with this stuff, Lloyd?

I do remember watching the Toxic Crusaders cartoon but don’t remember any of the storylines or plots. I know more about the toys than the show.

When trying to find these figures I try to find them complete but that’s not always the case. When I went fig hunting in Houston I found No-Zone and Major Disaster loose, no weapons for $15 each. Not a bad deal.

That was months ago when I bought those two figs. Cut to months later I got my hands on Junkyard and Toxie. Junkyard isn’t complete with his tongue but does have his tail intact. You can always find a good to perfect condition Junkyard without his tongue. The Toxie I got is case fresh and opened… Checkout the vid of Hasttel opening up my Toxie before he mailed it out to me. And visit Hasttel Toy if you’re looking for vintage action figures.

I’m still three figures away from completing my childhood collection. Psycho, Bonehead, and Dr. Killemoff is who I’m missing. Hopefully if the price is right I’ll pull that trigger and have them apart of my collection soon.

As far as The Toxic Avenger, I own it on blu seen it countless times. But I prefer the Crusaders!

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