Monsters of the Gridiron Merchandise

In 1993 & 1994 Coca-Cola and the NFL partnered together for a promotion called Monsters of the Gridiron. You would buy a bottle of Coca-Cola or a twelve pack find a code and call a 1-800 number to see if you won Super Bowl tickets or other prizes like T-shirts, caps, footballs, etc.

One of the main gimmicks for this promotion was trading cards. One NFL player from each team would be dressed in a Halloween costume… Hints, Monsters of the Gridiron… For example, Dallas Cowboys player Emmitt Smith was turned into the Lone Star Sheriff.

I had a few of these cards I remember my mom buying a twelve pack of Coke and inside was a few cards and info on calling the 1-800 number. I do remember calling and punching in my code and not winning anything, but it was still cool.

I was scrolling through eBay for 90’s Halloween decorations and came across a good amount of Monsters of the Gridiron merchandise from both 93 & 94 and decided I needed some kind of gridiron merch to represent that time in my life and I found a package of 30 trading cards and a mini football to fill that void.

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