Toxic Crusaders… Completed!

For the past couple days I watched the whole Toxic Crusaders cartoon series on YouTube and it was fine nothing groundbreaking, but the inside jokes and puns were heavy. The series only lasted one season with thirteen episodes.

As you been following along with this blog I been trying to collect the Toxic Crusaders action figures and I can finally say, I completed the collection. That’s right all nine figures waiting to collect dust… Joking. eBay has been my go to for these figures and I hit the jackpot when I found a Buy it Now with the figures I need. Only one of the figures was complete in Dr. Killemoff, but the other figs are in good shape. I never had Headbanger or a Radiation Ranger I’m excited to checkout those figures. But the one figure I’m kinda concerned about is Bonehead, see I had that figure as a kid and remember the plastic hip joints breaking, and from what I been seeing it wasn’t just me. A lot of the Bonehead figures broke at the hip joints, could’ve been cheaper plastic than the other figures but who knows.

Radiation Ranger

Now I have the figures I’m okay not having all the accessories that came with the figs. Some are hard to find like No-Zone’s goggles and I have no room for any of the vehicles.

Now that I’m done with Toxic Crusaders those Bucky O’Hare figs looking mighty nice.

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