Huge Mail Haul! MOTU, WWF, and Halloween

It’s been a busy mail call. I finally completed my WWF thumb wrestlers collection by getting Ricky Steamboat. Getting these figures wasn’t high on my list but an opportunity came about and I pulled the trigger.

Have you seen what WWF Wrestling Buddies are going for these days in perfect condition? I lucked out when I found Big Boss Man for under $200. Its in good condition no rips, holes, or stains… Wrestling Buddies are for display purposes only.

I’m still on the hunt for a Ghost Sweeper, but right now ECTO-3 will do and it’s complete in box… Until I started putting it together. Kenner GB figures are way easier and cheaper to buy than Playmates TMNT.


I couldn’t find my original Happy Meal He-Man so I found a spare on eBay. I don’t remember these figures being so hard to stand up. Both He-Man and Skeletor fall over constantly. weak legs with a top heavy body is what I’m thinking.

And… Lastly I’m still collecting vintage Halloween beer decorations. My latest haul came in with three more cardboard cutouts and a I Want to Suck Your Bud shirt pin.

COVID-19 or being “quarantined” hasn’t stopped the Massive One from doing what he loves, collecting and buying action figures and living that fig life.

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