GB – Haunted Humans

Just when I thought I was done buying Kenner Ghostbusters figures… I bought some more! Oh yeah! This time I around I wanted some Haunted Humans. First of all, the haunted human figures never made sense to me as a child, so the mailman got possessed by a demon or something that’s why he has eyes and teeth coming out of his chest and stomach? How about the garbage man who turns into a fly, is there some kind of radioactive ghost that done that? So many questions and not enough answers.

How about the Monsters wave of figures with the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, or the Zombie monster… These figures made good Universal Monsters but having them in Ghostbusters I couldn’t see that happening. But I am talking about four guys busting ghost for a living. You never know.

So! the Haunted Humans I bought was a mixture of figures I had as a kid and ones I didn’t. Granny Gross, Hard Hat Horror and Terror Trash I’m familiar with, but Mail Fraud is a new figure to me. I don’t remember seeing him in stores or knew someone who had him… Also had to have at least one monster figure in my collection and I went with the Frankenstein Monster, he is my favorite Universal Monster and all and that Wolfman figure was a very close second.

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