The Child – Star Wars Black Series

After the Child (Baby Yoda) appeared on The Mandalorian the excitement felt like 1999 all over again when Episode I – The Phantom Menace was about to drop. Everyone wanted a piece of that movie in some form or fashion and I saw that with the Child. But! Disney wasn’t ready no action figures, no plush dolls, no commemorative cups it took fans on Etsy or custom figure builders to release their own merchandise like t-shirts, action figures or plush dolls to get us fans something in hand to show others how hip we are when it comes to Star Wars.

Months later my pre-order has arrived. I knew this figure would be small but it’s no bigger than a WWE Championship belt for an Elite figure. The articulation is very minimal with arm rotation and head, hands, and feet that can move as well. The only problem I have is if you over rotate the arms they can pop off. The figure does come with some accessories and you can lose them pretty quick, but they are encased in a plastic box for safe keeping. I haven’t opened the accessory box in fear of losing them… See pictures below.

Once I got the figure out of the package I had to put him with the Mandalorian figure in some action shots…

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