Darth Vader – Star Wars Black Series

I’ve only owned two Darth Vader figures in my life time. The first being from the Power of the Force II like all kids had in 1998 and another from the Saga Collection.

I find it hard to find a perfect looking Darth Vader action figure, we all have this image in our heads of what Vader looks like and when you see something is a bit off in action figure form it stands out. Sometimes his helmet is a bit wide or his breathing mask is to big, with cape chain or no cape chain a lot goes into buying an action figure.

When May the 4th was taking place I found a couple sales on Star Wars Black Series figures and I took the plunge and bought Darth Vader… a week later I have figure in hand and I’m very impressed.

If I could change one thing I wish his eyes were a bit more red, give it that Rogue One look. He comes with a lightsaber and has a cloth cape, and chest & waist skirt. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like it because it would bunch up but it never did.

After looking over this figure I may buy another because a battle damage Vader would look nice. Overall it’s a great action figure and I’m glad I finally upgraded to a much better Darth Vader figure that has that “look” I remember from the movies.

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