Game Store Stories

With everything opening up post quarantine I decided to go fig hunting and with Rafael by my side what could go wrong…

Our first stop was at Game X Change I knew ahead of time we were going there so I brought all my NES games, console, and accessories to do a trade in. Once inside I knew something was wrong, right when we talked in we were told it would be an hour wait before the only guy working could look at my stuff. Told the guy to put a rush on it… for about thirty minutes I walked and paced the floor and found a few Blu Rays I needed to fill in my collection.

Who needs a copy of The Matrix?

When my number was called I knew from the start I was dealing with a doofus. Off the bat, this guy picks up the Zapper and said, sorry we can’t take this it’s a gun. I was blown away, how can you play Duck Hunt? I told the fella if I take it back I’m just gonna throw it away, you can have it for free. Nope he wouldn’t take it or any NES manuals, code books, and there’s a few games I had that he wouldn’t take because he didn’t know what they were. Like the game 1942 it started off as an arcade game then got ported to the NES. This guy doesn’t know his video game history.

After a while of back and forth with this kid I was on my last nerve and Rafael knew it. It was time to turn heel… Another game he didn’t know about was WWF: King of the Ring, one of the last WWF games for the NES its kinda rare but not to hard to find if you know where to look. Anyways, I thought does this guy know what he’s passing up? Of course not! He didn’t even know about Transformers the Movie when Rafael ask if they had it in stock. He never heard of it or G1 because all he knew about was the Michael Bay movies!

So much went on in that store it would sound all made up if I wrote it. But if you’re in the know and part of the Crew hit me up and I’ll show you a video of what all went down… Put it this way, I’m never going to that Game X Change location again!

RIP WWE 2K games

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