The #FigLife Crew are Back Hunting Again!

Now let’s look on the bright side about today’s fig hunting post quarantine… I had to go to four towns over to try to find something new when it comes to action figures because locally my Target and Wal*Mart is always behind or never gets the most recent figures. While in Wal*Mart I found WWE Elite Series 75 and I was ecstatic! I looked through who was all there and got what I need and left the rest for the next collector. I walked out with Hurricane, Pete Dunne, and Jeff Hardy… And! Found WWE Super Stars cookie sandwiches and bought them too!

I was also looking for Star Wars: Black Series but didn’t find anything, not even a peg with info on it says this is where they would be hanging. I ask a couple locals who was hunting LEGO and they said, this Wal*Mart doesn’t carry Black Series only Star Wars LEGO and my best bet would be Target. I’ve ran into this problem before at one of my local Wal*Marts where they wouldn’t carry Black Series… Strange.

Slave One looked awesome

Let’s go back to GaMe X ChANgE for a second and talk about the movies that I bought. They were running a sale, buy two get one free etc. I picked up Transformers: The Last Knight, Bumblebee, The Walking Dead season nine, Doctor Who, the Specials (Tennant Era), Batman Beyond, and this is where the insanity on my part comes in… I own the 2003 Star Wars movies on DVD those DVDs is all I need because it has the original cut of the films plus the special editions, so there’s no need for me to rebuy those films on Blu-Ray. Until the fella behind the counter said, you can get one free box set and a Blu-Ray or DVD because I met the requirements. Without even batting an eye I reached for the Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-Ray 2011), and the most recent release of Return of the Jedi and another copy of The Clone Wars movie. I have these movies already and have Disney Plus, but watching them on crisp Blu-Ray can make a difference… I got them for the special features anyways.

There you have it a days worth of hunting around for figures and Blu-Rays. Today was a fun day even with Game X Change and all the trouble that occurred. I got Star Wars again but for free this time and some WWE figs for a decent price. Massive!

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