I’m a Black Hart, Dammit!

Tonight was the season two finale for Dark Side of the Ring and I pulled double duty since I missed last weeks episode about the Road Warriors. I thought that episode was fine nothing really new came from it. When you been a wrestling fan as long as I have you’ll hear a lot of repeated stories.

Tonight’s episode was about Owen Hart. I always enjoyed Owen in the ring, his match at WrestleMania X with Bret is a classic and his run as a Nation member was comical, and the match with Triple H at WrestleMania 14 is one of my favorites… If you’re a wrestling fan you already know how good Owen is so I don’t have to explain his career highlights. But I am going to tell you a story of how I found out Owen Hart died.

Sunday the 23rd, 1999 was a school night but I was spending the night at my grandparents and when the ten o’clock started and they previewed their stories one of them us about a WWF wrestler dying at at a Pay Pre View event earlier that night. Right after I saw that preview I called home and told my mom about it and she ask who died, I told her I didn’t know yet but if I had to guess it was probably Jeff Hardy. I remember around that time the Hardy Boyz was just starting to get a little wild and bringing that extreme style to the ring. Years later I found out that the Hardys wasn’t even on the card but wrestled on Sunday Night Heat… After I hung up the phone I ran back to the living room and sat there until the sports segment came on and that’s when I found out that Owen Hart fell from doing a stunt where he was getting lowered to the ring. I jumped up and ran to the phone and by this time my mom was asleep but answered anyways, I told her what the news said. That’s awful she said. I hung up the phone and by that time it was time for me to get to bed.

I remember watching Monday Night RAW and seeing all the heartbreaking messages everyone had for Owen, the ten bell salute, and Stone Cold toasting a beer to Owens tribute picture. I thought it was a good tribute to Owen Hart.

I’m in the camp that Owen should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. He was a big part of the company, he was the glue that kept the Hart Foundation together. Maybe one day Owen will be inducted…

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