Star Wars: Black Series – Hoth Trooper and Wedge

Collecting the main cast of any franchise movie in action figure form is great. Look at Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Darth Vader they are a staples of any Star Wars collection, but its the side or lesser known characters that shows how much of a fan you really are.

These past couple days I got myself two Black Series figures, one being Wedge Antilles and the other a Hoth Rebel Trooper. I’m a bit disappointed in the articulation with Wedge, his wrist are very loose and left elbow joint was super tight. I had to heat it up a couple times to loosen it up, even now I’m scared to bend it without tearing the arm peg off. The pros about this figure is everything else the likeness is there with or without the figure wearing his X-Wing helmet, comes with a blaster which I could use with other figures. It’s just overall a figure for the shelf.

Makeshift Hoth Playset

With (Hoth) Rebel Trooper I been waiting for this figure to be released for a long time! When I was buying Power of the Force II back in the 90’s my favorite figure was (Hoth) Rebel Trooper because he came with a removable backpack. As a kid I thought that was awesome and still do. Sure he was in winter clothes but use your imagination could’ve been a spacesuit or adventure gear. And now having that same figure with removable backpack in a 6inch form with hella articulation I stand and applause you Hasbro for releasing a damn good figure.

This figure comes with two blasters, removable backpack, goggles & scarf and you can swop his face. You can have a clean shaven look or a bearded guy. You can army build this figure in many different configurations. The Hoth Trooper came packaged on a vintage style Empire Strikes Back card back. I got a picture before ripping it open, it’s glorious.

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