Fig Hunting around Beaumont with the FigLife Crew

The FigLife Crew did a day of fig hunting and we all made out with a nice haul. I was on the hunt for Star Wars: Black Series and I came across a couple deals. Target had a clearance with about ten Moloch figures from Solo I picked one up for the low price of twelve bones, also found an AT-AT Driver on vintage card back at 2nd & Charles. Talking about vintage card backs, Target had tons of them and the only figure I didn’t see was R2D2.

One figure I been putting off and passing on until now was NECA Halloween (2018) Laurie Strode. Target had a few and finally picked one up. I like what is NECA is doing with the horror movie franchises, hopefully more human figs are released in the future like Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street and so on.

Wanna know what figure line I can’t seem to find in stores… The Real Ghostbusters, I been looking a many Wal*Mart stores and still haven’t come across one figure. Today I seen a PKE meter for the first time but no figures… But with help from FigLife Crew member Geremy, he found me a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man a few weeks back and its everything I remember from that Kenner GB line. I haven’t opened it yet because the packaging is beautiful.

So… What disappointed me today was the lack of wrestling (WWE) figures. I kept seeing Elite Series 65 everywhere I went. Wal*Mart, GameStop everywhere I went Nia Jax was there. I did see a couple Sensational Sherri figs out in the wild. But my greatest find came from a comic shop called Book Stand they had WWF BCA and OSFTM ECW figs but when I saw a New Japan Pro Wrestling figure hanging on the wall I snatched it up as fast as I can! For one, I have never seen a NJPW figure out in the wild better yet in Texas. The figure I found is a Hyper Heroes from 1998 and its of Hiroyoshi Tenzan. The packaging is beat up and bubble is a bit yellow but the figure is in perfect shape. It was an amazing find.

Lastly… I picked up a couple Star Wars TPB and a few things for an upcoming Doiner Crate. Today was a good day.

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