Let’s Talk 13 Reasons Why

Back in 2017 I started seeing all this hype online through Twitter and Tumblr about this new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why. I looked into it and found out it’s based on a book and at the time I ask around and found out a couple people from work have read said book, and in their opinion it was a rough read.

I watched the series in a span of two days. The first season was original and powerful. The originality sending out cassette tapes and having each character’s story be an episode to fill out a full season was genius! I really enjoyed the first season, Every character felt fleshed out… The ending… I knew what was coming because I read up on the series. Hannah was so likable I didn’t want to see her go. But that’s what the story called for, she was a small part to tell a greater story.

After I finished the first season I wrote a story it was a fan-fiction story where 13 Reasons Why mets Doctor Who. In my eyes the Doctor can help anyone at anytime, but…

I was hyped for season two but it fell felt, I wanted a courtroom drama like an Law & Order episode but all we got was the kids testifying and high school drama. The one thing season two got right was setting up Clay seeing and hearing ghost. It all came full circle in season four.

Season three was all about Brice Walker and who killed him. I’ll go on the record now and say, the series should’ve been two seasons long at least. Seasons two-four did nothing for me. I wanted more Hannah Baker but that didn’t happen.

I finished watching season four a couple weeks ago and it was a struggle. I like seeing the characters again but I didn’t care for the story. This big cover up orchestrated by teenagers and this huge mastery put together by the football team, who has time for all this? What I did like is how Clay was spiraling downhill and that he didn’t know he was causing all this trouble around school. His character was written the strongest out of the whole cast.

I’m glad that the series has ended because where do you go after high school? Do the kids form a club like in IT and have them meet up once a year… Anyways, the highlights from the whole series is Christian Navarro acting and the originality when it came to storytelling.

A while back Netflix decided to edit out Hannah’s death from the series because they were getting a lot of backlash from parents, young adults and many others. I understand why Netflix reedited the scene but that scene is apart of the story and should be left in. When I found out about the edit I went a head and bought the first season on DVD to preserve it for its original form. That has been my experience with 13 Reasons Why… I’ll post the fan-fiction story in short time.

If you are looking for help visit 13ReasonsWhy.info

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