Ghostbusters Firehouse and More

Over the course of my life I have owned two Kenner Ghostbusters Firehouses, I had one as a kid and many years later I bought one at a yard sale. I don’t know what happened to those firehouses but do remember how much fun I had with it.

When I decided I wanted to collect vintage Kenner Real Ghostbusters action figures the firehouse was on the top of the list but finding a complete, in good shape, and not have to break the bank was going to be hard. While the firehouse was in my saved searches on eBay I went ahead and bought the figures I wanted in my collection like the Frankenstein Monster and a few Haunted Humans in Granny Gross, Mail Fraud, and Terror Trash. And of course I got the main four.

When it comes vehicles ECTO-1 is a must but my favorite vehicles are ECTO-2 (Helicopter) and the Ghost Sweeper, I had so much fun those two vehicles as a kid. The helicopter had a rope and hook where you could hang a Ghostbuster off of. With the Ghost Sweeper my favorite feature was the proton wand you can bust a ghost on the run all in one sweep.

With my collection coming together nicely I still didn’t have a firehouse until one night when I got a notification from a new listing on eBay. I checked it out and everything was there but missing the containment unit and I was okay with that. So I gave in and bought it and a few days later… I got myself a third Ghostbusters Firehouse. When I unboxed it it was so dirty! Caked with dust and stickers that didn’t belong, after a couple hours I finally got it cleaned. It’s not perfect but it’s clean.

Finding the bigger lower half of the containment wasn’t hard to find but that smaller top half I can’t find anywhere. Sure I can buy both in a set but I don’t need two. I’m sure one will pop up. As for figures, there’s always room for one or two more.

As for the Hasbro rereleases I told myself I wouldn’t buy any because I wanted the OG figs, but a FigLife buddy got me Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He sits next to my vintage collection, having a nice clean white Marshmallow Man that hasn’t yellowed over time is satisfactory.

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