Spawn, Black Series and other Fig Buys from Today

Took half day from work to go fig hunting and today wasn’t that bad unless you visited the Target I went to. They had nothing new when it came to Black Series, Marvel Legends, or WWE. All I saw was a roll of Star Wars Jannah figures and empty pegs for WWE.

Target needs a restock.

But all wasn’t lost when I stopped by Lone Star Comics… The prices were high but they had what I wanted. I been eyeing Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn figure since it was announced and I want a Spawn figure in my collection but never found the right one until now. The figure is nice but very back heavy because of the cape, it’s a pain to stand but once it’s up he’s not falling over. I also picked up a few X-Men comics some new, some old.

My last stop was to a GameStop and I made out pretty good. Found a Marvel Legends – Captain Marvel figure on sale for $12 and finally bought my first McFarlane DC Multiverse figure in Azrael and this figure is a beauty! I would’ve loved getting this type of figure as a kid. Getting it now I have that same child like feeling getting a new toy.

The last figure I picked up was Black Series Zuckuss. He’s just a cool looking figure and I’m always down to buying those backgrounds / lesser known characters… Overall it was a good day fig hunting. It’s been awhile since I been out in the wild.

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