AVON Halloween Decorations (Update 2)

It took a couple years but the hunt is over, I have bought every AVON Halloween decoration that I remember seeing each year in my home as a kid. When I started this journey I knew it would take time to find everything, the hardest pieces to track down was the Freaky Greeting Magnets. I would see one or two and they would be so over priced and adding shipping to it I couldn’t and I waited. Time past and eventually some popped up again and this time the price was right… Now I have a complete collection.

The one piece that give me trouble was the Spooky Lighted Boo Glasses. I tried two times to order those glasses and both eBay sellers took the payment without sending me the product, I got a refund both times. These glasses I would wear outside at night just for fun.

The last two decorations… The plush fiber optic ghost was used as a nightlight during October, I remember that thing being on all night. Thinking back a lot of holiday themed decorations had that fiber optic light fixture in it in the 90s.

The final decoration is something simple but only saw listed a couple times and that’s a pumpkin-half moon Welcome wall hanger. This thing always hung on the front door glass for 31 days.

Well! Two years of hunting, searching, and waiting I’m finally done. I had so much fun looking up vintage AVON merchandise it brought back so many great memories and moments in my life in the 90s helping decorate the house.

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