What’s New in the Collection?

I picked up three Fantastic Four figures from the Super-Skrull wave. Mr. Fantastic, Johnny, and Sue Storm. I wanted Johnny in his human form to fit in with those Walgreens Fan Four figures. I got the other two because they are modern and there’s enough difference between them and their classic look.

As for the BAF, I went to eBay to get the parts I needed and I doubled up on them because you can build Super-Skrull and a Skrull soldier.

Super Skrull, and Skrull Soilder

I never really bought NECA action figures until recently. When I think of NECA what comes to mind is soft goods figures. All that changed when they started to produce those horror movie figures in plastic form. I already had Michael Myers from Halloween (2018) and to counter him I bought Laurie Strode, and this figure is spot on with its likeness. I would’ve loved to have these figures in the mid 2000s. I owned a few McFarlane Movie Maniacs but those were like statues with very very minimal articulation.

Keeping with NECA for a minute… although the figures look incredible I find the articulation can be stiff at times. Like with Shredder (TMNT 1990) his elbows and keens are so light I’m afraid if I start bending them they will snap off, and I tried heating up the joints as well. They are stiff.

As of writing this another NECA figure was dropped off to my mail box… I ordered Casey Jones (TMNT 1990) from the two-pack with Disgusted Rafael… I now spent an hour messing around with this figure and I find him hard to stand because his right foot doesn’t stand straight down and his left elbow is a bit wonky, like I can’t get elbow joint to move probably, strange I know.

And that’s it for now. Check back to see what else I can manage to fit on a ever growing shelf. Massive!

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