Let’s Talk Spawn

My first exposure came from a Wizard magazine back in the 90’s. I was flipping through and saw this demon type character in black with this huge red cape, I read the blurb underneath and from what I can recall it was just a general synopsis about the character and creator Todd McFarlane.

I never read a monthly Spawn comic in its original run because the stores that sold comics in my area only carried Spider-Man, X-Men, Superman you know just the heavy hitters. I did read the comic that came with the Medieval Spawn action figure.

One thing Todd McFarlane knows is marketing what he has and in the 90’s there was so much Spawn merch. Everything from T-shirts, trading cards, and… action figures! My first figure was Medieval Spawn and to this day I still like the look of him. He came with a sword and shield, and what drew me to it was the spikes and shoulder pads giving off that Road Warrior vibe. The second figure I got came from a flea market and it was Violator, only problem was it was a bendy figure and sure I bought it but begrudgingly. I only owned those two but I’ve seen many figures from that 1994 line at comic shops but always passed them over because I wanted a “proper” Spawn figure in my action figure collection but never came across one. McFarlane Toys were more like statues than articulated figures… Until! I saw the Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn figure and it had everything I was looking for in a Spawn figure, it’s what my minds eye was seeing. I found my figure at a local comic shop and it was under $50 bones couldn’t pass it up. The only drawback is the figure is back heavy because of the cape. It’s a pain at times to stand up.

In 1997 Spawn made its live action debut on the big screen. I never watch it in theaters but rented it a few times and it was mindless action entertainment. But I do remember liking Spawn and Violator (Clown). Watching it back now, that’s some horrible CGI and Malebolgia looked completely cartoonish. I want another live action Spawn movie and there’s always rumors of McFarlane says, one is in the works.

Also in 1997 HBO and Todd McFarlane produced three seasons of Spawn the animated series. It was more adult themed and a better reflection of the comic series than the movie. I remember when the first season aired and watched a few episodes at my grandparents house because they had HBO. I didn’t keep up with the series until year later. At one time I did own the first episode on VHS and I think it was re-edited or something.

Nowadays… Spawn is a guest character in Mortal Kombat 11. He’s one character every MK fan wanted since debuting guest characters. He’s in my top five characters in MK11 I play as… No one can top Sub-Zero.

Well… There you have it my history with Spawn. I still haven’t picked up a Spawn comic, but now is a good time to start because the back issues are around 300.

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