The “SDCC 2020” Mattel WWE Releases

All throughout the weekend Mattel has been dropping new promo pictures for upcoming WWE figures and I’m a bit disappointed in day one. What got revealed was a Elite two-pack with Bret Hart & Goldberg… The Hitman figure looks horrible, he has the same head sculpt as an Ultimate Edition with that strand of hair right in the middle of his face. I can’t stand that. As for Goldberg, good looking figure no problem.

Elite Series #78 was shown and a few new figures made it in. Like Matt Riddle, Drake Maverick, and the one figure I’m looking forward to… Superstar Billy Graham. He comes with an alternate head, young Billy or older Billy. And I like the reuse of the Don Muraco shirt.

I will be updating this blog post as new stuff drops…

All I can say is wow! Mattel revealed some very cool figures today. Honestly I don’t know where to start… okay… We are getting a lot of first when it comes to the WWE women’s division. Mia Yim, Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, Rhea Ripley, another Chyna figure, Mae Young and an Ultimate Edition Charlotte Flair.

Tegan Nox

Speaking of Ultimate Edition we are finally get a Hollywood Hogan, after years of waiting and thinking that Storm Collectables had all the Hogan licenses, Mattel struck gold and Hogan back into the fold. Another UE figure that was shown was the Fiend (Bray Wyatt) that comes with the Fiend world title and alternate head. With Edge returning to the ring at the Royal Rumble (2019) it was just a matter of time a new Edge (current) figure would be shown and then released. And we are getting one! That’s not all… Randy Savage will be getting his own UE as well with sunglasses and cowboy hat, and an alternate head.

UE Fiend
UE Hollywood Hogan

Mattel showed off tons of legends some are updated of earlier release like Ted DiBiase, Nikolai Volkoff, WM3 Ricky Steamboat, a younger version of Davey Boy Smith with Matilda. Hollywood Blondes Steve Austin, and my the one Build-A-Figure I cant wait to get, Paul Ellering with Rocco (Dummy).

I don’t know if this will be a set or some kind of build a set, but a new Randy Savage and Andre the Giant set will be released with a WrestleMania III ring cart. I been needing a new Andre I been using a JAKKS figure as my stand in because all I want is a classic Andra in a black singlet and black boots. And after seeing this figure, I might have found what I been searching for.

Mattel didn’t forget about the current roster. The Street Profits are getting Elite figures and so is King Corbin, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Shayna Baszler, and Ricochet to name a few.

Those are just some of the highlights from today. If you’re looking for more I’m sure you can find more images on Twitter. I’m very pleased with what was released today. I hope pre-orders go up soon because I don’t want to miss out on any of these figures. Keep living that Fig Life!

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