What Would’ve Been Shown at SDCC 2020 but Shown Anyways

This weekend would have been Comic Con in San Diego but it was cancelled because the world is going through a pandemic with COVID. But that won’t stop the toy manufacturers from not showing off their upcoming waves of action figures. Hasbro went live on Hasbro Pulse revealing tons of Marvel Legends. From a four-pack featuring the Hellfire Club to movie figures from X-Men (2000), Deadpool 2, and Logan.

I got pumped when I saw the two-pack Logan set with Professor X & Logan. Logan comes with an alternate head and hands.

Marvel Legends wasn’t the only figures to be shown, I did see a few sprinkles of Star Wars. Like the new six inch Wampa, and more images was shown from the upcoming Rebels wave.

What got everyone excited was what NECA had to offer, they showed so many TMNT figures. Rat King, Mondo Gecko, Vernon, and even Super Shredder was shown from TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze.

Those were some of the highlights I thought was noteworthy. I’m waiting on Mattel to show what they have for WWE and hopefully something new comes from AEW… As of writing this a few pictures made it online of the new WWE-MOTU wave. Check out the images below…

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