Waco… Fig Hunting Trip Day 1

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

I took the weekend off to do a bit of fig hunting in Waco, TX. with Rafael and to see his parents and sister. What a great time it was… We started super early for this five hour trip and the weekend didn’t disappoint. We met up with Reina for lunch at BJ’s and believe me the jokes were flying left and right when we heard the name of this joint. Later we stopped in the mall at this retro game store, Special FX Video Games that Rafael keeps telling me about. They had a great selection of retro games, but I was on the hunt for action figures and I found MK11 Sub-Zero for ten bones! I couldn’t been more happier with my purchase because I been thinking about getting that figure lately.

Later on in the day we stopped in Bankston’s, this place was a retro and modern heaven when it came to action figures and sports cards. Their comic book and TPB selection is the biggest I’ve ever seen. I got footage of this place… Gotta get that footage edited soon. Once we walked in I was searching for anything wrestling and I found LJN, Hasbro, BCA it was a small collection but it was something. Their Star Wars room was fantastic with a life size Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and a life size Kenner Boba Fett action figure!

I didn’t leave empty handed… I picked up a couple trades The Age of Apocalypse: Twilight, and The Dark Phoenix Saga. Other than Star Wars they had a decent G.I. Joe collection and I’m now dabbling into G.I. Joe collecting, the two figs I picked up was Beach Head, and Zandar.

The greatest find on Friday came when Rafael and I stopped in Dollar General about ten at night to get a few things. Walking the aisles I spotted WWE Elite figures for $15 bones, they had the WrestleMania series with nWo Scott Hall, Undertaker, purple trunks Triple H, etc. and! Top Picks with Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman. You talking about finding out of place action figures. I been to many Dollar Generals and my locale store doesn’t carry these figures…

That was Friday, day one… Come back tomorrow to see what happened next and what figure fate came our way… Massive.

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