Waco… Fig Hunting Trip Day 2

Day Two, Saturday…. Today was all about antiquing. We hit up six different antique stores all across Waco and surrounding towns and it wasn’t a total loss. We started off nice with a breakfast buffet, same place as W goes time to time. Afterwards it was time! the first two places was a bust, sure they had some neat stuff and even MOC action figures from Marvel Select, McFarlane Toys, and Starting Lineup buting nothing to bring home. It was like that most of the day, going around and finding neat and cool stuff but it wasn’t what we were looking for… Sure seeing a VHS copy of TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze out in the wild is nice but in the end its a pass. Our luck changed when we hit up these last two antique malls. Not only did we find JAKKS WWE, MOTU, and Police Academy figures we came across Dick Tracy and vintage Star Wars trading cards, sure they were beat up but for a dollar it was a buy. Same went with the Dick Tracy fig, and I passed on those JAKKS because they were Ruthless Aggression. What else came home with me was two vintage Star Wars figures Boba Fett, and Zutton (Red Snaggletooth). both figs look in good shape after a fig bath. still needs a deeper cleaning.

After a long day of fig hunting in antique stores Rafael and I met up with a high school buddy for lunch at Galaxy B&G this place is a Star Wars & Blood In Blood Out themed restaurant. Believe me, I understand these two movies are a galaxy apart, but it was as nice! You got an X-Wing somewhat hanging from the ceiling, posters and action figures everywhere. You could even buy Black Series figures and other Star Wars related merchandise. As for Blood In Blood Out, they had posters and painting hanging on the wall. One of the best parts was their menu, everything was Star Wars themed with its own names like Jahbba’s Jewels (Mozzarella Sticks), EX Wings (Chicken Wings), and what popped me was this menu item Rick Flare. It was basically a chilli bacon cheese burger with fries on top. Nonetheless… WOO! Everyone at the restaurant was super cool and nice.

The day wasn’t over yet… We stopped at a “comic shop” called Book Stan’ but it was a tabletop game store. Some reason that happened to us on Friday as well, but that time it was a tabletop cafe joint. Only reason we went in was we saw a Nintendo logo on the window and thought it was a vintage game store… We were wrong. That night I did some last minute fig hunting around town at the big box stores and came out empty handed, but had a nice evening with Reina showing her how to fig hunt, good times all around if you will.

Now here I am on a Saturday night finishing up this blog of todays adventures. I had fun this weekend and hopefully do it all over again soon. Waco, McGregor, Killeen all nice towns with great potential. Maybe a future home for me; one minute you’re in the country, in a blink of an eye you’re in the city. Massive!

(Upcoming… I will be showing off a lot of the stuff I got on this trip in my next blog post. It will be another, What’s New in the Collection. Got a few surprises to show off as well.)

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