New To the Collection

Now that I’m back home I can finally show off a few things I got while in Waco. If you read the two part blog you’ve seen what I got. Well, this is the rest of it…

I been going to WWE events for a long time but never got myself a front row collectors chair until now. I saw on Bankston’s Facebook page they had a collectors chair but when I got their I didn’t see it. I thought it could’ve been an older picture and they could’ve sold it, but Rafael ask anyways and sure enough they had it but it was in the back. So I got myself a collectors chair… Finally!

Also at that same comic shop they had tons of sports cards and a lot of Michael Jordan autographed merchandise. We talking trading cards, basketballs, Wheaties boxes, and 8×10. It was nice to look at but I had to pass but didn’t pass up on WWE and TNA Impact trading cards. Got myself a few Dusty Rhodes, Andre the Giant, Hogan to name a few.

Here is the Sub-Zero figure I been eyeing. This thing is awesome. The figure isn’t complete but I ain’t complaining.

Hasbro is killing it with their six inch G.I. Joe figures, I gave it some thought about getting into that line but decided not too. I can’t say the same about the vintage figures with Beach Head and Zandar. There’s a few others figures I like to get.

Those Dollar General Elites are still blowing my mind. As I said, I picked up Scott Hall and Undertaker. I remember these in Wal*Mart like a couple years back and I passed on getting Hall, made up for it years later.

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