AEW Unrivaled Series One

Wrestle Twitter and the Fig Life Community are going crazy searching for those AEW figures. I keep seeing pictures of empty cardboard stands and empty pegs. I haven’t made it to Wal*Mart yet to see what they have but I did get my pre-orders in ahead of time with Ringside. Cody, and Kenny Omega are the only two I wanted in the first wave, and if I see any out in the wild I may pick up a Jericho.

While writing this, Fig Life brethren Rafael stopped in a Wal*Mart and came across empty pegs and an AEW Ring. He sent over a picture…

First impressions… Omega has decent face placement and not all wonky eyed. Codys head is a little loose but that’s an easy fix… The range these figures have are incredible with double jointed elbows and knees, chest and lower torso ball rotation you can pose these figures for days.

Cody comes with a weight belt and sledgehammer but his grip is a bit wide for a single hand use, gotta double up to get him to hold it. Omega wears a removable soft plastic jacket but once it on his left arm won’t be mobile. He also comes with two pistol and grip hands, and a right wrist gauntlet.

I really like the range these figures have, they have more movement than a Pizza Spidey. Some things I wish was different, like Omega having a cloth goods jacket or coming with a broom accessory. But that’s just nitpicking… These figures are for wrestling fans and worth buying to keep the line alive.

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