Round Trip – Fig Hunting

Made a round trip to the Houston-NASA-Seabrook area for a day of toy hunting and I didn’t come home empty handed… I was on the hunt for vintage G.I. Joe figures and vehicles.

The first stop was at this half antique half feed store but that place was a bust because the antique part was closed and being relocated. They did have a coin machine that gave out bouncy balls. The next couple stops wasn’t a total loss. Stopped into Bedrock City Comics and they were loaded with vintage figures. A good amount of TMNT, Star Wars, and random 80s figs. They had a lot of loose Marvel Legends but no heavy hitters. I did snag a vintage carded Ice-Man and a trade of X-Men: War Machines. And the only G.I. Joe I saw was the Classified series, great figures but not for me.

The next stop was good ol’ Dimensions, can’t go wrong stepping into that place. I went straight for their wrestling section and surprise they had a couple new figures, they had a loose basic Kelly Kelly and Kaitlyn. I picked up that Kaitlyn for sure and left Kelly Kelly for the next collector. After their wrestling and sports room I trekked down to their action figures room to find any Joe’s but I found vehicles instead. They had a good amount but I didn’t know what was complete or not, but I found a Field Outpost that came with a few accessories for $30. It’s in good shape but has a couple stress marks, you know the simplest playsets are the best. After searching the whole store I found two baskets of 3.75 figures in a glass case and majority of them had cracked elbows but I found two that were worth buying. Frostbite (V3), and Captain Grid Iron. The only accessories I got was with Captain Grid Iron, he came with a helmet and two elbow or shoulder pads.

After hours of locally spending money I had to stop in Wal*Mart for AEW figures and that was a bust as well. Like everyone else is seeing, I saw the AEW World Championship, and the AEW wrestling ring, no figures to be found. Didn’t even see those UFC figs either. But I did see those Spider-Man (animated series) vintage card backs. Their WWE Elites were slim but heavy on Basics.

I think I came out good with the stuff I bought. A couple more Joe’s and an X-Man for the collection, plus some reading material. It was a good day.

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