Hurricane Laura, Wrestling Figs and What was Left Behind

Last week my town had a hurricane scare we all thought hurricane Laura was going to destroy the town like Ike did back in 2008, but it turned and missed us and headed for Louisiana. Hurricane season isn’t over yet there’s still a couple months left, but I’m hopeful nothing forms and starts building into another hurricane or tropical storm.

With all that being said, I did evaluate but the hardest part was deciding what to leave behind and what to take with me. Being a collector of many things I did leave a lot behind comic books, trading cards, and a whole bunch of action figures. I only took what I needed and what I needed was my whole Mattel WWE action figure collection, MIB and loose. Since I been heavy into vintage G.I. Joe I took them with me, they all fit in a gallon ziplock bag. And the last thing I took was my childhood Mine plushie, that plush has been with me for decades and I’m not about to lose it now.

Everything I left behind can be replaced and if it came down to it I probably wouldn’t buy everything over again. Having ECTO-1 is nice but it just sits on a shelf, same with a lot of figs I own. I still get enjoyment out of them but usually through phases. Since finishing off my vintage G.I. Joe collection I put them away until I need that military kick. Right now I’m back into comics and Marvel Legends, days from now it could change. But those wrestling figures was my top priority when it came to choosing what came with me. Wrestling is my first love, sure I left some merch, pictures, and miscellaneous wrestling figs behind but I know what’s important and what’s not.

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