Top Five Marvel Legends I Want Made


Why is it taking so long for this character to get her own figure? She’s the missing piece to completing Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

The Lizard

I didn’t care for the 2018 BAF Lizard figure. I prefer a more humanoid upright Lizard like in Spider-Man (animated series).

Ravage 2099

I only read a handful of comic book series in the 90s and Ravage 2099 was one of them. The character never got a ToyBiz figure, so its the perfect time for a Marvel 2099 wave of figures.

U.S. Agent

I could never find a Marvel Super Heroes Captain America, but U.S. Agent was always on the pegs. As a kid he became my Capt. America.


I know a Morph figure just got released in Age of Apocalypse wave, but the Morph I want comes from X-Men the animated series. I just want to round out my animated series team.

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