ML Gwen Stacy and AEW Jericho Figures

Fig Hunter Rafael is at it again hitting up Wal*Mart, Target, and GameStop by the handfuls hunting those AEW and Marvel Legends figures for the Massive One. He picked me up a Marvel Legends Gwen Stacy and found pegs filled with AEW figures… I told broski, get me one of those Jericho figures since I didn’t have a Jericho in my collection.

I know I passed on that Gwen Stay figure in the past but she’s so iconic and it might be a long time before another Gwen is released so I went ahead and told Rafael to pick her up.

The two AEW figures I have Omega and Cody are great, very good figures. I went ahead and added Chris Jericho to the collection for two reasons. One, I don’t have a Jericho figure to represent him and two, it’s the most updated Jericho figure out there. Plus he comes with a lot of accessories.

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