Expansion Pack 1: SometimesMike

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of little wealth and not always the best taste. I do, however, pride myself in being a founding member of the FigLife Crew, which is to say, his Massiveness offered me a seat at the table and I accepted. Happy to be here as a newly designated member of the writing staff, and I hope that I can provide you with some much needed entertainment in these trying times.

A little about me:

Maybe you already know me, but probably you don’t. I’m one half of the company Two Matts Productions. Among making short films, we also have a podcast called the Two Mics Podcast with Mike and Mike where we mutter on about movies, TV, married life and our kids. You can find it wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

I also fancy myself something of an author.

I’ve recently found myself intrigued by action figure photography, and that’s where my contributions to the site are going to come from. I am at the very earliest of stages, but I want to present a couple pics.

Here is 1985’s Darkseid from the Super Powers Collection sans dope ass cape:

Like I said, EARLY. STAGES. Mainly I’m dealing with DIY light sources that aren’t even a little bit properly balanced. I did this as a quick run with a couple battery powered lights and two matches. The trick thus far is going to be getting those eyeballs lit up without drowning him in LED light.

The balance is a little better here but those eyeballs!

Anyway, welcome along on this journey of what I’m calling “action figtography”. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

In the meantime, if you want a look at someone doing it a LOT better than me, give this a look:

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