FigLife Fitness – Tips and Tricks

Always stretch before going hunting. You never know when you might have to move a long box of comics out of your way or reach for back stock of action figures from a top shelf… Do about a dozen free squats to get your legs loosened up and five to eight biceps curls to get those arms ready, and for extra flair give those biceps a kiss like you’re Big Poppa Pump that should get you some heat.

Staying hydrated is key to long term fig hunting in a normal five to six hour hunt. Keep hydrated by drinking a lot of Mountain Drew, you can find this product at any convenience store for a couple dollars. And if you’re the type that likes to bring a hydration liquid container with you, Tang is usually the go to. It’s quick and easy to make and something you can just eat spoon fulls of it.

Let’s say you want to fig hunt and eat at the same time because you only have an hour to kill for lunch. Places like Wal*Mart and Target usually have a Subway, McDonald’s, or lower end pizza & pretzel joint in said establishments. killing two birds, one stone.

When you’re deep diving into the abyss in a dimly lit comic or toy store know your surroundings. Looking for spots where you can pile up figures you don’t want so you can dig dipper looking for that holy grail you been waiting years to find. But remember! Don’t pile to high you don’t want everything to come crashing down. Space it out and it’s up to the person to put everything back or not.

Hunting in pairs is great. One person is a spotter while the other can collect and hold said merchandise. When it gets a little overwhelming always remember you can start a hold pile at the counter. But in big box stores, if needed grab a shopping cart.

And the number one rule every collector should live by, leave one for the next person.

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