Fig Hunting for G.I. Joe’s and Under Armour

Today was filled with a lot of first and last all while fig hunting. Rafael and I stopped in Dimensions Comics for like the hundredth time so I could go through their G.I. Joe stuff again. This time around a lot of what I remember them having was gone, sold off. But I did walk out with a very nice haul.

I started in their wrestling section as always but nothing was new. So I walked to their vintage figures room and looked at every G.I. Joe vehicle seeing if any was worth restoring and I found one… The Polar Battle Bear (Skimobile), the vehicle is only missing three parts and needs a good washing, and for ten bones I’m super happy with this perches. I also went through their Joe figures but majority of them had cracked elbows and the only one worth buying was a V2 Snow Serpent, he just needs a new O-ring. That wasn’t all the Joe stuff I got… Might be a Doiner Crate in the mail soon.

Dimensions always has boxes on top of boxes of ToyBiz Marvel figures and I’m so into X-Men right now I could’ve bought them all but I held back and didn’t give in! So I got a Marvel Legend instead, well… I already had Namor but sold him off and I rebought him again because he falls under mutant. That was the pitch I gave myself. Plus he’s been part of a bigger story when it comes to Marvel crossover events.

After about an hour of figure hunting and hearing about Rafael’s feet hurting because he had to wear shoes and not sandals… We live at the beach! I went searching for back issues and trades. I picked up The Walking Dead #193 (The End) this is the final issue in the Walking Dead series, and I got a TPB of Uncanny X-Men – The New Age: The Cruelest Cut. I flipped through this trade and it looks promising.

Lastly at Dimensions I found a corner of the store that was decided to Doctor Who and I don’t remember seeing all this DW stuff on my earlier trips. I stood there in awe looking at these DW DVDs, books, and some vinyl figures. I immediately pulled out my phone and loaded my DW DVD checklist and they didn’t have anything I needed, but I did see a sealed copy of Doctor Who: The Web Planet going for $150… Let’s just say I left it there for the next person because you can get that same Death Vally Driver on Amazon for $17 bones. They did have something, a lot of them in fact and that’s the Doctor Who novels! I have never seen these books out in the wild, just on DVD special features. There was about fifty books and I went through them all and some were better than others but I found one of my favorite DW episodes in book form. The classic story with Tom Baker, Doctor Who and the Horror of Fang Rock. It’s a ghost story that takes place in a lighthouse… It’s awesome!

After three hours in dimensions Rafael and I decided it was time for lunch and as always we fought about where we want to eat. So we drove around seeing what was open and if we could sit inside a restaurant because eating fast food in a truck is tricky. After about twenty mins of back and forth we saw in the distance… the perfect place for lunch… You see, the year 2020 will be known for a lot of things. COVID-19, Hurricane Laura, Prince Harry leaving the Royal Family, the death of Kobe Bryant, Joe Rogan moving to Texas, and the closing of two restaurants Luby’s and Fuddruckers… In the distance we saw a building that housed both a Luby’s & Fuddruckers! I told broski to put the gas to it because we are eating there before the chain closes forever. The Massive One went to the cafeteria while Raf went to the burger joint and we met in the middle with our food in hand and trading stories of past lunches and dinners before these restaurants fade like a candle in the wind.

After lunch we decided to stop at Wal*Mart, GoodWill, and a Target the luck wasn’t on our side in those three stores. I was looking for AEW figs mainly because I wanted to make a custom New Japan Jericho, but all I saw was WWE Elites, MOTU, and UFC figs (Those are a pass). But! knowing the Massive One, he didn’t leave empty handed.

I haven’t bought a DVD or Blu-Ray in years, but I did today. Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019). Both film and series I haven’t seen before so it’s something to look forward to.

Our journey continued to Lone Star Comics (Not the Galveston location) I been to this shop two before and still can’t get over their prices on figures. Like a OSFTM ECW Balls Mahoney figure carded in a yellowing bubble going for $40 bones, those are eBay prices not collector prices. They have a good selection of Classic Superstars and BCA but they are living in the old. Go get yourself some Elites or AEW bring in the young crowd. With all that said I didn’t leave empty, no sir. They had some vintage G.I. Joe’s hanging from pegs and I went through them all and left with Cutter, and Gung-Ho. Both in perfect shape, nice and tight joints, and no missing paint.

The very last stop before heading home was to Dick’s Sporting Goods… First of all a “sporting goods” store isn’t a place for me, sure I shoot hoops once in a while but places like Dick’s or Academy doesn’t appeal to me. When Rafael said, trust him because I’m gonna like what I see in Dick’s… Sporting Goods. Once we walked in he took me to the Under Armour department where a huge sign was mounted on the wall with The Rock on it and right under was all this Under Armour clothing with Dwayne Johnson’s Brahma Bull logo on it. Being the mark that I am I got myself a T-shirt, cap and some Rocky kicks remember this is all workout gear but to the Massive One it’s what brings all the marks to the yard.

That my friends is what I did today! Fig hunting for hours and buying wrestling merchandise. Massive!

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